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Pressing the apples




After the apples are ground up, they are ready to be pressed. This is the part of the process that you actually feel like you see the results of your labor.





To prepare for the pressing, the ring of slats are moved to center under the large screw that will screw down to press the bag of ground up apples.  A wooden disc is placed on top of the mesh bag and a metal bar is placed on top of the wooden disc to connect with the large screw.

The cider press we use catches the ground apples from the grinding box in a mesh bag that lines the wood slats.  This is convenient because the press will fit down in the circle of wooden slats with little preparation.  The slats are spaced with a half inch gap to let the cider out as the ground apples are pressed.

The handle on the top is for screwing down to press on the bag of ground up apples.  The press is angled forward to have the juice flow down into the container that catches the apple juice.  Depending on the types of apples, each pressing gives between 1 to 2 gallons.

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