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Volunteer Opportunities





We are completely dependent upon volunteers and as such have a number of different ways people can volunteer to help. 


We are open every Saturday from 10 am to 5 pm for anyone that wants to show up during any part of that time range.  Groups are scheduled by appointment during the week with an average of 2 groups per week, but it varies.  You do not have to be part of a group to come.  We have hosted groups as big as 150 at a single time.  Kids of any age are very welcome, but need their parents or guardian to supervise them. While we welcome people to come as often as they want, we only ask for people to come for a single time.  This is a great way to get exposed without any long term commitment.

1. Basic garden help - our biggest need

The main need we have includes planting and harvesting and general care of the vegetables throughout the growing season.

Last year over 1,200 volunteers of all ages and experience levels performed over 4,000 service hours.

2. Help with big groups

We have need for a few adults to help be a station leads on days we have large groups of students.

3. Join our help needed list

This is a short list of volunteers that want to be contacted when there are times we don't have enough help scheduled. 

4. Deliver produce

We are looking for people that have access to a pickup or trailer and would be willing to haul produce to Des Moines during  business hours.

5. Spread the word

If you know of a group, company or organization that might be good to contact as a possible volunteer or support source.

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