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Grinding the apples




Before you squeeze the juice out of the apples, you need to grind them up so you can get more of the juice out.  This is the part of the process where things start to get messy, but it can be a lot of fun.



Multiple people can be involved in the grinding process.  This part is one of most fun parts of the process.  The apples don't need to be peeled or cored to be ground up..  You do need to remove any extra sticks or leaves.

As the apples are ground up, they fall into a mesh bag below that will be pressed in the next stage

The box on the right side of the image has a cylinder that is turned by a motor.  When turned on, the cylinder with the teeth grinds up the apples as they are dropped in.

If possible, mix different apples while grinding to give a better flavor to the cider.

Containers for the apples and ladders are helpful tools.

Even though this part of the process is messy and everyone gets sticky, there isnt much juice until it is pressed.

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